Decoded, by Mai Jia

Decoded, by Mai Jia

Welcome to Unit 701.

This is a very interesting bit of fiction by the most widely read writer you’ve likely never heard of. Decoded transports you to China and embeds you in the life of a Chinese cryptographer driven to madness by the puzzles he must solve.

Great story.




An Intro to Cryptography for Teens

An Intro to Cryptography

An intro to cryptography for teens from Northern Illinois University.  Currently most of the STEMRead program content is for grades 8-12, but looks like work on pre-K through 7th grade is underway.

MIT gives $100 in Bitcoin to all 4528 Students

MIT gives $100 in Bitcoin to all 4528 Students to create a real bitcoin campus economy. This is going to be an exciting experiment.  

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The Open Enigma Project

The Open Enigma Project Yes, there is now a kit for building your own enigma machine. This is so cool. “The Enigma, particularly the M4, is the most notorious encryption device of all time, as it served in the infamous German U-boat fleet and secured the most classified communications in the Third Reich,” Sanderson told […]

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It’s Official, Bitcoin is Property, Not “Currency” according to IRS

It’s Official, Bitcoin is Property, Not “Currency” according to IRS It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  This would mean every miner would need copious records, and if transactions are treated like property transactions, people will be discouraged to use bitcoin as a simple medium for everyday exchange in the US – for […]

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Facebook Security Director Joins Coinbase

Facebook Security Director Joins Coinbase Ryan posted on Facebook that he’s joining Coinbase. That is sure to be an exciting role.

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Chinese Wallet Proves Funds Via Cryptography ?

Chinese Wallet Proves Funds Via Cryptography ? The Chinese startup Bifubao claims it has solved the problem of proving exchanges and wallets have the funds they say they do, using its new user-verifiable wallet service.

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On Stephen Colbert at the RSA Conference

On Stephen Colbert at the RSA Conference CloudFog: Stephen Colbert’s solution to all of your secure data requirements From the Bristol Crypto Blog: “Colbert may not be an expert on cybersecurity, nor the legal and political issues surrounding it, but he does make a living from scrutinising society and highlighting absurdities in human behaviour — […]

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Cyberwarfare expert cancels Vancouver talk over fear of revealing critical infrastructure risks

Cyberwarfare expert cancels Vancouver talk over fear of revealing critical infrastructure risks In a Twitter post, Filiol, who is a veteran of the French military with a background in intelligence and computer warfare wrote: CSW 20014 cancelled talk: It’s a personal decision after wise/strong suggestions. Will explain later my decision. Thanks for your support — […]

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Wikipedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales Accidentally Starts A Bitcoin Donation Campaign For Wikipedia

Featured Image -- 385

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
Is Jimmy Wales testing out Bitcoin donations for Wikipedia? He is certainly considering it, according to a thread on Reddit. It first started with a tweet — Wikipedia co-founder set up a personal Coinbase account. Playing with BTC today: I just bought 0.1 bitcoin with @Coinbase! — Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales)…

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